Friday, November 19, 2010

Face Plant

Bob was playing with his friends at the park. I watched as he started down the hill, skidded and landed on his head and skidded some more.

"Mom! Mom!" He was crying. I ran to him and picked him up.

"You okay, honey?"

"Put me down!"

"Okay, babe."

"But hug me."

"Sure. Why don't we go sit down?"

"No but I need you to stay with me, Mom!"

"Don't you want to go get some water and settle down?"

"No! I need to stay with my friends!"

"Are you afraid you're going to miss something?"

"I'm afraid I might miss everything!


  1. Bob Rosenberg doesn't miss ANYTHING. Nor does his mama.

  2. My heart just broke a little. Remember when the guys didn't want to leave our side no matter what? Every new step is wonderful but a little sad too.

  3. I know how you feel Bob! I don't want to miss anything either!

  4. Bob, you are a true soldier. Shake it off and get out there, don't miss a thing!

  5. Oh my goodness. All boy. Seriously, your blog makes me laugh every single day! Thank you again, time a thousand, for sharing your hansom little boy's heart with the world! The innocence of children is such a precious (and oft hilarious) thing.

  6. Wow...I completely remember that feeling. I was mortified at the thought that life would continue on for my friends even when I wasn't there.

  7. Oh, my heart... brave boy.

    He is excellent, Lisa!!

  8. don't pick me up but hug me?


  9. I got to cuddle Almost-four a lot today. These times are tooo rare already.

  10. I love the stories of your son! They make me so excited to have children of our own. He is so precocious (in a good way!) and also so sweet in moments like these. I really enjoy your blog.