Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Bob Rosenberg
Map to Brandon's House, 2010
tempera on paper

Bob came home from pre-school with an assignment. He was to fill out a poster with his answers to a number of questions:

All About... Bob! No, Luke Skywalker! No, Bob Rosenberg Jedi Knight!

I am... Four! Four years old! Four hundred years old!

My favorite animal is... Daisy! All dogs! Daisy the dog!

My favorite color is... Blue! Like Luke Skywalker's first light saber that Ben Kenobi gave him that was his dad's in episode one before it broke and he got a new one that was green in "Empire Strikes Back." Green!

My favorite food is... A plain cheeseburger - just bun meat and cheese cut in half, an order of fries and a milk with a straw! It's protein! Cows are nice to give us milk so we can live!

My favorite place is... Brandon's house! And J.P.'s house! And New York!

When I grow up I want to be... A Jedi Knight, like I already am!

My favorite thing to do is... Play "Star Wars" with Brandon and J.P. and Ringo and all my friends!

If I had one wish, I would wish for... Being Luke Skywalker the Jedi Knight, like I already am!


  1. I like New York, too. And I think having a friend named "Ringo" is pretty rad. . . .

  2. bob is totally the coolest kind ever. i'm sure his teacher enjoyed reading all about bob's obsession with star wars.

  3. New Yorkers everywhere are standing a little taller today knowing that their city ranks right up there with the Star Wars world.

    The force is strong in this Bob.

  4. Bob Rosenberg already knows the secret to life- be who you are and be happy with that.
    He is a Jedi Knight.

  5. I'm so jealous of Bob. Had I been able to achieve Jedi Knight status at four years old I suspect my life would have gone a little differently.


  6. Is it weird that as I flipped through the Toys R Us Christmas catalogue the other day I thought, "Wow, Bob would like all this Star Wars stuff"? I need a life.

  7. It's hilariou the things kids answer fo questions like these. When myy son was in preschool he made something similar for me for Mothers' Day. He said my favorite snack was granola bars and my favorite drink was wine. He also said my favorite sactivity was to watch him play outside. lol

  8. My favorite thing is to hear about Bob Rosenberg the Jedi Knight! and hugs.

  9. Bob is right. Cows *are* nice to give us milk so we can live.

    Thank you, cows.

    Thank YOU, Bob.

  10. Wish there was a way to have cyberplaydates. Will and Bob would spend HOURS together being Jedi Knights. This whole post was just fantastic.

  11. 4 and 400. Sometimes it's like he is both.

  12. It must be amazing being the mother of a Jedi Knight

  13. ringo is from the beetles... lol yeah.. he's so obsessed it cute

  14. I believe his preschool teacher will need a warning label. Don't read Bob's homework while drinking any liquid. :)

  15. that was beautius....

    i LOVE the new blog/header image. it's almost 3D!

  16. Best bio I've read in quite a while. Thanks Bob's Mom! x0 N2

  17. He made me crack a smile this morning at work. :) I love him! What a Star Wars fan.