Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dirty Work

"Bob? Will you help me break up the dirt before we put the seeds in?"

"It looks real dirty."

"It is real dirty, Babe. It's dirt."

"No thanks."

"But you wanted this garden. Part of gardening is getting your hands dirty. Do you want garden gloves?"

"No Mom, you can do it. I'll be the boss of the garden. I'll do supervising."


  1. Last year while working in the garden, I found a worm and showed it to Campbell. I asked if he wanted to hold it, and he said no because it was too dirty. The he instructed me to find him a clean worm. Sigh. I thought little boys were supposed to love dirt and worms.

  2. Sounds like Bob already understand the system -- that the "boss" makes the big bucks and never has to get his hands dirty. LOL

  3. i love doing the supervising too. its the easiest!

  4. I'm constantly telling Owen that "it's okay- it's just dirt." Or...chicken poop.