Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Rose By Any Other Name...

photo from here

"All right, Bud. Let's hop in the car."

"Okay, Garbage Can."

"Really? I don't like that nickname, Bob. Try that again."

"Okay, Mom."

"I guess that's a little better."

"Okay, beautiful-est and gorgeous-est, Mama."

"Get in the car, Son."


  1. Hahaha I haven't been around kids in a while and I'd forgotten the funny nicknames they come up with, especially when they're trying to push the limits. If I remember correctly from my time working in a daycare, "poo poo" is in many of the nicknames. Poo poo this and poo poo that. "Garbage can" is pretty hilarious. What a little shit. Haha.

  2. Wait Sorry, I meant what a little turkey!! Not the other thing.

  3. Hahaha! Kids...aren't they great? The other day my kid told me no one hired me to take their photos because they hate me. Haahaaoooooh. That's not funny. That's sad. Well, anyhow....kids are funny!

  4. Oh, i did NOT need that reminder of having to clean the van out today.


    How could you, Bob?

  5. Poopyhead. That's the current face around here . . . with my 2yo. What have I let his siblings teach him. Vile corrupters.

  6. Giggle.

    That Bob. He's a tricky one.

  7. 4 is currently in hysterics when he calls me Daddy.