Sunday, April 10, 2011

Smacksy Sunday Links

My friend Jennifer sent this loveliness to me this week. It's a happy thing.

Found this celeb photography arresting and compelling.

And oh my, these guys.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Fun links.

    Those celeb photoa served to prove that, even up close, Brad and Angie are flawless. I need to go get a facaial now.

    I am going to have to further share the cat and dolphins as that cat is The Hotness Monster's dolphin nuzzling doppelganger.

  2. Oh yes on all of these. My daughter Jessie and I just looked at them and we agreed with DG and both sighed when Brad's picture came up, also Angie's. Very compelling and lots of questions- what makes one human face so much more "attractive" than another?
    Okay. The sweetness of the loveliness video was precious. I feel that the maker of it must live somewhere near me? Many of the same things abound.
    And dolphin and cat?
    Nothing makes me happier in this world than two different species showing affection to each other.

  3. Dolphins and kitties in the same video together just made my daughter's morning. :)

  4. The photographs remind me of Chuck Close's portraits.