Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter: The Review

"Mom? That was a super best Easter. How did the Easter Bunny know I wanted a Mandalorian Battle Pack?"

"Sounds like he knows you pretty well."

"Yeah and he knew I really liked candy too. How'd he know that one?"

"That's pretty specific information. Sounds like he did his homework."

"And Mom? My underpants are on backwards and they are going inside my bottom cheeks."

"That sounds uncomfortable."

"Yeah. It very is."


  1. This may be my favorite Bob Rosenberg post ever. Yet. So far.

  2. Always good for a Monday start.

  3. This is easily remedied but, in the meantime, I'm enjoying the visual. I'm glad Bob got good Easter gifts to soften the blow of the wardrobe malfunction.

  4. Yep, I needed this today. Very needed it.

  5. bob loves to give out info. too much info sometimes. and not just that, unnecessary info- and at the weirdest times too.

    we all love you Bob! I had a great Easter as well

  6. I appreciate the fact that Bob said "bottom cheeks" as opposed to "butt cheeks" which is just crass. :)

  7. Hilarious.
    It's good to know that 4-year-olds are a lot like 14-year-olds. :)

  8. It very is indeed. My son still says 'berry' for very. I love it...

  9. This happens at our house on a daily basis.
    Only my boys don't seem to care and are fine with the discomfort.

    Its not until one of them runs about in the almost-buff that we are able to note the tighty-whitey wedgie.

    Which is in fact, quite a thing to behold.