Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Same and Different

"Mom? Did you see that guy that works at the Goodwill only has one arm?"

"I did."

"I think he walked on a laser and then his arm came off."

"I think he may have been born without an arm."

"You can do that?"

"You know how all people are different? Sometimes we're born with body parts that are different."

"But Mom, how does he pick things up without an arm?"

"What do you think he does? Can you imagine it?"

"I guess he could use his other arm or maybe his mouth?"

"He might. People do some miraculous things when given a challenge."

"He's sort of amazing. Next time we go there can I tell him he's amazing?"



  1. I love how he thinks..

  2. ps. Lisa, you really should compile these into a book...a fun, easy read, make you smile & nod bc you relate kind of book.

  3. Good parenting skills. You turned a potential moment of fear into one of gratitude and awe by handling this right.
    (I had a friend whose dad was in a wheelchair due to polio. When I was 6, I asked her what had happened to him. She angrily replied, "We don't talk about THAT!" I was scared of her dad for years because of that. The guy without one arm might have been scary, too. But now he's amazing. Good work.)

  4. its great to know your child experiences times like these and acts so considerate

  5. Bob is pretty amazing for realizing such an amazing thing. :)

  6. Bob's mom, let us not forget, is pretty amazing too.

  7. Great Work, Bob's Mom. You get a mom star for that one. x0 N2

  8. You guys done so good. SO good with this youngling.

  9. My husband, the first grade teacher, lost most of his left hand in a farming accident. His students were so innocent and candid when they finally noticed it. One said, "Hey, Mister! Where'd ya get the pig hand?" Jim's response, "Same place I got my pig feet!"

  10. Great job, momma. And I loved "You can do that?"
    But still thinking... it could have been a laser.

  11. Which is what makes Bob amazing. The kid has a heart as big as the world.