Friday, April 8, 2011

Bedtime Prayers

photo from here

"... and God bless Grandma Sylvia and Nat. We're grateful for this day we all got to spend together. Bob? What are you grateful for today?"

"I'm grateful for hummus and my Count Dooku key-chain, and that the wind stays outside the house and not inside, and that we don't all have colds at the same time so that Daddy is well and can make us soup."



  1. I especially love the wind part!

  2. Sometimes the wind comes in my house. And birds, too. I think Bob Rosenberg might actually enjoy that.
    And there is almost always soup.
    Wait. What am I saying?
    Oh yes. That I live in the perfect Grandmother house and that Bob Rosenberg might like it should he ever visit.

  3. it great that you've taught him to pray at this age. you are an amzing mothet. Bob is smart, curious, funny, active and sweet. Some people could learn from your motherly ways. honestly.

  4. Oh, a daddy that can make soup will always make everything better!