Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Be Afraid Then Do It Anyway And Then Possibly Throw Up

Fact: Jumping out of a plane was less scary than starting the blog. Trust me.

I started this blog on May 16, 2009. I was petrified. It’s been a number of years since I had written anything other than rather dry information-y articles and when I had written in my previous TV life it was always with Jennifer, my hugely talented then writing/producing partner. My confidence was lacking and hitting publish on my first post triggered an anxiety attack that lasted a number of days. I was horrified of sucking and then would console myself by thinking that it wouldn’t matter because no one would be reading it anyway. Self obsession shame spiral, anyone?

I had decided to start my blog after some attempts to get rolling on a book had been frustrating. I realized that I was out of practice with getting my thoughts on paper. (I’m aware that there is no paper involved here but “screen” doesn’t sound right.) I thought that getting into the daily habit of posting would help get that part of my brain back in shape. I had no idea what to expect.

From the start, my friends and family have come to the rescue and have been supportive readers because they are just stuffed with awesome like that. My husband has written code, proof-read, offered great topic ideas, and talked me down from my adorable obsessive compulsive blog ledge many times. There is also a magic at work where anytime I write about him as the main topic, my viewer numbers for the day skyrocket. I guess he’s not just helpful but also fascinating.

The thing I have been most surprised with is the number of other bloggers I have gotten to know and adore. People I think of as friends, although most I have never met. If I had known that this particular party was out here waiting for me, I may have gotten my whole thing together sooner.

Thanks everybody. I like it here.

This was my answer to the question: How long have you been blogging?
From Dera's meme over at Casablanca.


  1. It's shocking to me that you had any anxiety about writing. All the hackey non-pros like myself are the ones that should be soiling ourselves due to lack of confidence. I'm so glad you found blogging.

    PS. Next time, please ride IN the plane, not under it. Damn!

  2. Wow - surprised you had anxiety about this, seems pretty smooth and calm and cool (and I guess 'collected' whatever the hell that means).

    Love your blog, have been a 'lurker' for a while now and finally leaving a comment.

    I started mine last August after seeing Jule and Julia, others were inspired to cook, that inclination jumped right over me to the wonkhead in the next seat --- I decided to blog, didnt tell people for a while until was cooler with it.

    Great stuff --- keep it coming!

  3. I, too, am shocked. You seem like the type that just takes everything in stride, with grace and a smile. But the blog is great - I always love your updates even though I'm so good at the whole commenting regularly thing.

  4. My partner is due in a little less than nine weeks with our first baby, so a few months back I went looking for a blog on parenthood that didn't scare/irritate/bore me. Thankfully I found yours, which makes me double over in hysterics with every post. I actually told my partner that I assumed the reason you were such a good writer was because you'd worked in television and had developed magical, perfect comic timing!

    Personally, if you decided to walk around with a giant tiara that said "Queen of the Blogs," I would be cool with that. Keep up the fantastic (and hilarious) work. :)

  5. Wow, Anitra's comment says it all.

    Very glad to know you, and your great sense of humor (great:like mine)

    You are not supposed to look cute in that picture. Where are the flappy-wind-jowls?

  6. skydiving Lisa?
    you are so my hero

  7. Friends and family didn't come to your rescue; we were blessed enough to discover this GEM of a blog that makes us smile and laugh and sometimes even cry a little. And yes, I'm counting myself in that "friends and family" even though we've never actually met. I agree that the best best best part of blogging has been the other amazing writer-y, bloggity types I've met and connected with through this silly little laptop.
    SO glad you hit "publish" that first time and that you continue to do so!

  8. I feel a little quilty that I've known you for so very long and didn't know that you had such a gift for writing. It's also nice to know that some writers share a few of the same "quirks" that we artists suffer from.
    Keep writing, I love reading it.

  9. you rock, lis.

    i also CANNOT believe that skydiving was easier than pushing the PUBLISH button.


    Thank God you got over your anxiety. I look forward to your blog every single day.

    THANK YOU FOR BEING YOUR ANXIOUS, HILARIOUS, LOVING SELF! Your honesty helps me scoot off the edge of my own anxiety shelf about things that other people can't understand! We wouldn't be able to do anything in this world without each other. Seriously.


  10. Love your blog. Love your pics. Love you.

  11. You have always been an amazing writer! I'm so glad you are sharing it with the world. Love you. Love your blog. Can't wait for the book!!!

    Karen Peterson Matchinga

  12. Smacksy, You are my favorite blogger. I am so glad you keep writing and I can't wait for your book, you must write a book! And while your at it could you talk Dera into writing a book too?

  13. I heart you guys. One and all.

    And Janet - I am totally going to work on Dera.
    (If you will please take our book jacket photos.)

  14. I say DITTO to all that stuff above me! I look forward to your blog everyday. :)

  15. 1. "self obsession shame spiral"- it's had a title all this time?!

    2. husbands always get the good ratings. they're sort of like the straight man in our stories. the one that the readers side with and want to see more of... and it helps is said husband happens to also scream for hair help from the bathroom. it's good stuff.

    3. "stuffed with awesome". i just farted sparkles.

    4. as for the book idea... i can't commit to finishing this comment. please. don't make me self obsession shame spiral again. (but thank you.)

  16. You are so so so good at blogging. So good. I really think that "Queen of the Blogs" crown would be entirely appropriate.

    I could never ever ever never ever jump out of an airplane.

    I actually think you might just be good at life.

    I am so glad I know you.

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