Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Shadow

That coffee cup looks desperately empty.

My friend Jennifer is an early adapter of technology. Over breakfast at Jerry’s Deli sometime in 1992, she was explaining to a few of us how drastically our lives were about to change with the advent of the home computer. I could understand using computers for work but the idea of everyone I knew having one in their home was hard to wrap my mind around.

“You’ll have one in your house. Everyone you know will.”

“For what, though?” I asked.

“You’ll talk to people. Share information. Shop. You’ll read books. Watch movies…”

“But I already do all of those things. Why do I need a computer for that? Plus, I can’t even type.” I was skeptical and thick and thought this all sounded like a very expensive fad. The cordless new phone thing was cool, but all of this computer lifestyle stuff seemed a little far-fetched.

’92 me would simply not have accepted the reality of today’s me. Of course, I do all of the things on the computer that Jennifer had told me I would. I also met my husband online. When we eloped to Vegas, our friends and family were able to watch our wedding ceremony, live streaming on their computers. My laptop follows me around the house like a dog, to the front porch, the bed, the backyard. I often keep it set up in the kitchen during the day. I check in with you guys and wave hello above the intermittent isolation that comes from being a stay-at-home-mom. Often, you guys wave back. And I still can't type.

This was my answer to the question: What room is your computer in? From Dera’s meme at Casablanca.


  1. I get slightly panicked if my laptop isn't exactly where it should be.

    I am so glad we get to wave at each other. Happy New Year.

  2. ps

    beautiful new header photo. again.

  3. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a home based transporter!

  4. Man, this had nothing to do with my hero, Lamont Cranston.

  5. Ross...

    Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Smacksy?

  6. Your laptop matches your kitchen

  7. It also matches my sheets and towels. I'm all about design. Obviously.

  8. Please tell me you cleaned the kitchen for that shot. When my computer is in the kitchen, it rests precariously atop a tipped over box of Mini Wheats.

  9. sometimes I literally feel like we're all the Jetsons

  10. Firstly, that little scene makes me want to move in with you. But you wouldn't have me because I don't keep a kitchen that clean. Secondly, I had a friend who had to BEG me to buy a cellphone for the first time in the year 2000 (!!!) because I was taking a 1500 mile roadtrip by myself while 8 months pregnant. She convinced me by terrifying me and I broke down and entered the cellphone world. I've been in a careening technological downhill slide ever since because as you said, it allows me to feel connected to random and totally bad ass people like you. That makes my life better.
    P.S. Holy crap this was a long comment.

  11. "Random and bad ass" is my favorite compliment of the year so far!