Sunday, January 17, 2010

Smacksy Sunday Link: Julie Adore Dimanche

A link for parent-types or those who enjoy construction paper and glue sticks. (I am both.)

I don't speak French. But I get the gist of the craft projects for kids on this swell French-y site Julie Adore Dimanche. When I get confused (I think "tampon" must have another meaning en Français ) Jeff can usually come through with a translation. I can't remember where I heard about this site. Erin? Dera? Marija? Anyway, merci.

Note: I took three years of high school Spanish so, I may not be très chic, but I do totally understand this.

De nada.


  1. When you tweeted this video it reminded me that I need to fold at least one viewing of something like Sabado Gigante into my TV schedule. There is so much unintentional comedy there. The stuff that is supposed to be funny? Not so much.
    When I was a teen, we used to get, umm, well, do things that teens do and then watch either spanish language TV or Japanese TV. Didn't understand a word, never laughed harder. Sometimes we would turn the sound down and make up our own dialogue. Invariably, someone would pee their pants. You've given me back this incredible opportunity. Thanks.

  2. Great link. I don't usually like crafty projects, however I'll give these a whirl. Because 1) It's French so doesn't that mean it will be better? and 2) We're house bound again today - what with the frigid temps and the never ending stomach viruses rolling through this house. Basically, I will try anything to avoid losing my mind and French craft projects are as good as any.

  3. I didn't send you the link but I will certainly be using it. And it reminds me of a link I DO want to share on my blog if I can ever get my act together and actually do it. I have my high school Spanish knowledge in my pocket too, just for videos like that. We taught our dog to walk on his hind legs. He would often sit up like a person, sitting down on his back legs with his torso perfectly balanced, just hanging out. It was pretty amazing and kind of weird.