Saturday, January 16, 2010

Smacksy Saturday Photo: Rubber Lizard

Bob told me that his rubber lizard is named Lisa. I was flattered. He then informed me that, "The good thing about this Lisa is that he is a boy and he doesn't talk." Alrighty then.


  1. Wow, the whole Men are From Mars/Women are From Vsnus thing starts very young.

  2. Seriously, where DO kids come up with these things?

  3. Does this "Lisa" feed him Happy Meals?

    Okay, then.

    Nancy T.

  4. I read this out loud to Luke who responded with,

    "Bob is Smaxine's husband right?"

    (This is how he jokes.)

  5. Yikes! And I'm sure he looked adorable as he said it, no? That's usually how mine delivers those little zingers!

    And you have a three year old that doesn't care to dress himself either?!? I thought mine was the only one! I mean, he won't even try to take anything OFF either, which I guess I should just shut up and thank the good Lord for, eh?

    So nice to "meet" you! :)

  6. where did you buy that fake lizard?

  7. i have one that looks just like lisa...