Sunday, January 10, 2010

Smacksy Sunday Link: My Cousin Rocks Hard

My cousin Kim is an Associate Professor at the University of San Francisco at the Center for Aids Prevention Studies. In addition to being a mom of three fantastic boys, she's been working as an AIDS researcher for the past 20 years. She's also fluent in a bunch of languages, has a beautiful singing voice and is an excellent cook but don't hate her for how easy she makes it look, she's just all awesome like that. She can't help it. Oh and she's nice. And gifted in the looks department. And way more modest about all of this than I would be. OK, you can hate her just a little.

This June, the gorgeous and kick-ass Dr. Page will be participating in the AIDS LifeCycle 9, where she will ride 545 miles on a bicycle to raise money and awareness to fight HIV/AIDS and support those living with the disease. This is a link to her LifeCycle page where you can learn more about Kim and her upcoming ride.

While I will not be riding, (too much exercise makes me crabby) I am pledging some dough because using a credit card is something I do really well. We all have our strengths.

This is my answer to question #7 of Dera's darling meme over at la bonita Casablanca.


  1. Thanks for the link...I'll make sure to stop over there and check it out! What a great thing she's doing.

  2. Normally, I would have to hate her a little. But since she's beautiful AND philanthropic (did I even come close on that spelling?), I will have to admire her and check out her fund raiser. I too am gifted in the application of plastic to purchase.

  3. Of course she does, she's related to you.

    And I don't hate her even a little bit. I mostly just want her to give me lessons.

    (I very nearly accidentally left this comment signed in with my husband's fake name he uses to write his Indianapolis Colts blog. You would have been confused.)

  4. that is something i would love to do. I don't know why I haven't. I'm going to look into it although tell that woman to stay away from me. She's sounds amazing and I don't think my self esteem can handle it.

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