Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cabin Fever: A One Act

Today was day five of Bob's bronchitis. Jeff was away for the weekend so other than a trip to the pediatrician, Bob and I have been in the house for 128 hours straight. We are getting a little punchy. Every conversation is starting to feel like the kind you have in a booth at Canter's Deli at 4:00am.

I am laying on the couch. BOB is hopping up and down in front of me.

Thorax. Thooooooorrrrrax. Thorax.

Do you have a thorax, Bobby?

No. Only insects have a thorax. I just have this body with my own bottom.

(BOB turns around and drops his pajama pants to show me his behind.)

Wow. Okay. I get it. Nice.

(BOB turns around and pulls his pants up.)

I am also magic.



  1. All I can say is, once a pants dropper, always a pants dropper. My charming boy is 13, but his random pantslessness is no longer adorable. If he doesn't stop by age 7 or so, stage an intervention, for all of your sakes.

  2. That is fantastic and sadly all to common in my home.

    Good luck with the cabin fever!!

  3. reminds me of the time when I taught preschool and little Alex pulled down his pants to show me his bandaid on his pee-pee from the circumcision he had just had...
    "Wanna see my bandaid Miss Tracey?!?!?!"

  4. Holy crap...this sounds like Jonathan and I this past weekend when he was recovering from his ear infection. Boy did we have some funny moments! It was hilarious! I'll have to post about a couple.

  5. You were MOONED today?

    If I had a quarter for every time I was mooned by my children. . .

    Hey! Start keeping track and make him pay up when he's 25.

    Trust me, you'll retire in style.