Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Change of Schedule

Things that did not happen at our house tonight:
1. Dinner.
2. Viewing of American Idol Vegas to Hollywood results show part one.

Things that happened instead:
1. When Jeff arrived home, Daisy bolted out of the front door and down the street.
2. Jeff ran after Daisy
3. Jeff did not catch Daisy.
4. Jeff ran back in the house, grabbed his keys and took off in his car, following Daisy.
5. Bob wailed his disappointment that we were staying home instead of going on an "adventure" to find his "best dog friend."
6. Bob and I get in the other car, driving slowly through our dark neighborhood, calling Daisy's name out the windows.
7. Communicate cell to cell with Jeff as we circle the streets, closing in on Daisy.
8. Alternately run after, drive behind, and plead with Daisy to abandon this excellent game and get in the car.
9. Repeat above items numbered 6 - 9 for 85 minutes.
10. Corner Daisy in a small gated yard and carry her back to the car.
11. Return home.
12. Put Bob and Daisy to bed.
13. Discover that during Bob's bedtime, Daisy has eaten the novel that Jeff has been reading.
14. Realized that we had made it back in time to view Olympic men's figure skating and accompanying awesome outfits.

Tonight gets a big thumbs up.


  1. Olympic men's figure skating and accompanying awesome outfits.

    Who could ask for anything more?

  2. Oh, UGH. I have done this doggy dance SO many times. It's sure a weird but surefire way to throw a day (or night) off-kilter. And yet, when it works out and everybody's home safely, things turn right-side up so quickly. It's an odd re-set button, isn't it? Glad Daisy made it back!

  3. I hope Daisy lost some privileges over that little incident.

  4. I was so worried you were going to have a sad Daisy ending. We did this with our Dog, taz about 6 years ago and he was hit by a truck and killed. I am so glad Daisy is ok, even if she did eat the novel...maybe she was just saying it's a good one!

  5. LOL - sorry, but what a funny story and reminiscent of many a night with our recently passed Kasey. In fact, that stupid dog ate entire quad of scriptues (Bible and 3 other books) all in one!

    Nothing like a good dog!

  6. OMG - this is so scary! (I live in fear of our pups getting out...)

    So glad the ending was a happy one!

    And, in other news, what IS up with those skating outfits?!?!



  7. I know nothing of running after escaped canines...

    Mine are perfectly trained and look to me before they would move a paw.

  8. Does Daisy have a yellow lab sister?

    No, I'm serious. Does she?

  9. i have to say that daisy bears a striking resemblance to my ginger. so, you know, if this happens again, you are MORE than welcome to 'borrow' ginger for as long as you need her. kind of like the old goldfish bait n switch... no one will know the difference.