Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Twitter, Guilt, and Chef Bayless

I love Chef Rick Bayless. I fell for the Chef/Owner of Chicago’s Frontera Grill when he competed on Food Network’s Top Chef Masters. He is talented, his food looks amazing and he was able to be kind even when kicking the ass of the slimy Michael Chiarello. I don’t follow many celebrities on Twitter but I enjoy following Mr. Bayless.

On Twitter he posts gorgeous photos of the new specials on the menus at his restaurants.
He live tweets reviews of other restaurants while dining. He gives encouragement when his followers tweet photos of their home made meals made with his recipes and he answers questions about Mexican cuisine. (“Hey Chef, Can you freeze Queso Fresco?” “Yes, but it affects texture a little.”) How nice is that?

Last week, my favorite tweeting chef posted this message with a link to a photo:

"Topolo menu tasting: classic Michoacan-style carnitas w pork belly, tomatillo avoc salsa, tortilla shards, lime air"

After clicking on this photo, I shot off a tweet to Rick Bayless that read:

"I adore you and I'm sure that carnitas tastes amazing but it looks a little um... pornographic"

You guys see this picture. Come on, it’s all parts and fluids. Even still, I was hit with instant Twitter remorse. I’m not sure if I was expecting him to tweet back, “Whoa! Astute observation! It totally looks like a wang!” but I guess I was expecting something. Instead, I got back nothing. (And this is a man that answers questions about frozen cheese.)

I immediately assumed that I had offended Rick Bayless. Rick Bayless who has a bunch of restaurants and three cookbooks and his own show on PBS and has nothing better to do than give a flying churro about my comment. Not likely. Perhaps my remorse is unfounded.


I’m sorry Rick Bayless.


  1. I'll go one further and exclaim that it looks very much like soap bubbles on the top there. Maybe it's clean porn.

  2. But it does look somewhat porny. Then again, maybe it was on purpose. Still, and no matter what the meaning was, "food air" is an oximoron and an insult on all that is chewable.

  3. Twitter guilt is no laughing matter. It's why I can't unfollow the Tweet prolific "Silent Rog" Ebert.

  4. I fail to see this "wang" of which you speak...but I don't have such a dirty mind as you.... *jumps on high horse and trots off*

  5. Celebrity chefs are a patent disappointment. I was grossly diaappointed by Tom Colicchio at a foof festival over the past summer and last night my husbandate at Craft Steak and it sucked one of Bayls's phallic symbols. Strike two Colicchio.

    And Michael Chiarello did come off like a total skidmark in that Top Chef Masters series.

  6. you know you wanna put his meat in your mouth. (don't tell jeff i sad that.)

  7. I think it's sweet that you sent him a tweet on pornographic food. I'm now following the Dalai Lama and might do the same.

  8. I think someone needs to tickle Rick Bayless until he finds his sense of humor.

  9. I agree about really loving him on TS Masters. He won me over after I didn't like him as a guest judge. And Chiarello was a big fat bully. But maybe he has kind of delicate sensibilities? Who knows. If he'd served lime "air" on Masters I wouldn't have liked him as much, since his food seemed so earthy and unaffected. I don't think the pic looks dirty, if anything, I agree with Karen that it looks like a guy soaped himself up pretty well.

  10. I wouldn't worry. There really isn't a way to respond to that except to laugh because it DOES look pornographic.

    I want to try it so I can say I had air for lunch.