Sunday, February 21, 2010

Smacksy Sunday Link: Nature Boy

Because every Sunday can use a few moments of the sweetest song ever written, sung by that warmest of voices, Nat King Cole... I am fascinated that the man who wrote the song, eden ahbez who chose not to capitalize the first letters of his name, was a self-proclaimed "mystic" who lived in a sleeping bag under the "L" of the Hollywood sign.


  1. Ok, but I am disappointed that you did not set this to naked Bob pictures--running through a field of daiseys or something (blurred parts for privacy, of course)


    p.s. it occurs to me that if you were a black man you might resemble Nat King Cole a bit. Coincidence?

  2. Ann - That is by far the best weird compliment ever.

  3. that is the best weird compliment ever. but i think it's only the awesomely defined eyebrows that are similar. (by the way, i am like an elderly asian woman in the faint eyebrow region. i envy your brows like nobody's biz.)

  4. Do you know how much I love him? He looks (I swear!), sounds, and plays like my grandpa, and my grandpa taught me all of his songs. I love lots of people, but Nat King Cole is special and different like comfort food.

    I love your Sunday links. I look forward to them.