Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Other Woman

Bob took this holiday photo of his beloved all by himself.

You may recall Ava, Bob’s semi-requited love? Well move over gorgeous girl, you have some serious competition.

Mrs. V. and Mrs. T. are Bob’s pre-school teachers. He adores them both. Mrs. T. however enjoys the distinction of, on many occasions, being Bob's sole reason for attending school. Every school day there is the promise of an art project with Elmer’s Glue (Bob’s favorite substance), an exotic snack (anything made by someone else’s mom is exotic), and bracing three-wheeled rides around the bike yard, but the real magnetic pull into the three-day, three-year-old classroom is the sweet and delightful, Mrs. T.

On those mornings when Bob has alerted me to his decision that he will not be attending, (P.S. SO not his decision to make.) we will then inevitably engage in a conversation that goes something like this:

“Mama? I am staying home with you today. I am not going to do school.”

“I think Mrs. T. might be sad if you’re not there.”

“Will she be lonely for me?”

“It’s likely, yes.”

“She will be very, very sad?”


“Mrs. T. will do crying if I am not in school?”

“I don’t know. That would seem like an extreme reaction.”

“I don’t want her to do sad crying. I have to go!”

“That’s a good idea.”

Upon arrival at school, Bob will announce loudly, “I’m here Mrs T.! I’m here!”

She has no idea the day of tragedy that she has just so narrowly avoided.


  1. this is excellent preparation for when Bob is dating.

  2. That's very cute. I have to convince my son some days to go to school too but he doesn't care nearly as much about his teacher's sad feelings!

  3. I love the way he talks. "Will she do say crying?" That kid could wrap anyone around his wee finger.

  4. Ah. The fine art of manipulation. Now I see where Bob gets it.

  5. Hard to resist a woman in a banging holiday sweater!

  6. Oh! What a sweetheart he is! That Mrs. T is one lucky teacher!

  7. I am picturing this with dubbed, mismatched voices.

    (so cute)

    p.s. thought the other woman was going to be grandma--esp. with that sweater. ;)

  8. Bob's teachers are awesome and totally kick ass with a theme - all the way down to their clothes.

  9. I needed these giggles tonight - thank you :)

  10. Great visuals all around. With you on the theme. My first reaction was, "Yes, nice holiday sweater!"