Friday, February 12, 2010

More Ways To Impress the Junior High Girls By Bob Rosenberg

1. Notice that the junior high girls on our block are on their bikes riding around through the big rain puddle in front of the house.

2. Stand on the back of the couch and yell, "My girls! My girls!" while pounding on the window with your fists.

3. Get frustrated when Mama tells you that it's bad manners to press yourself against the window when you are not wearing your pajama pants or underpants or any pants.

4. Put on pajama pants.

5. Tell Daddy that the girls are turning around in the driveway. Daddy says that's OK.

6. Run onto the front porch and yell, "My girls! My daddy said it's OK to turn around in our driveway! I just don't want you to drive on the worms in the puddle because they will be scared of your tires!"

7. When the girls giggle and say, "Hi Bob!" and wave, know that you have won them over again.


  1. My teenage girls today, prowling cougars in 20 years.

  2. Bob and George should write one of those teenage dating manuals...

  3. He's going to have to start fending off the ladies right and left ;)

  4. He calls them "my girls"? That is sheer awesomeness right there.

  5. Apparently this continues all the way through to rush week......I've heard.

    Karen Peterson Matchinga