Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday Night Sleepover

Bob tucked in his Slumber party guests tonight:
Death Star Droid (Bob thinks this droid is C-3PO. Please don't tell him the truth.)
Darth Vader
Pack of Trident White peppermint gum


  1. Greedo is a notorious gum stealer. Hope there's some Trident left come morning.

  2. Have I told you before that I can't park in the garage because it is filled with boxes of Luke's old Star Wars toys? I know I meant to. C3PO is in important part of my day too, though he is known is Fro-PO around here. Who invited the gum?

  3. I love this! My kids do this too. Bean has a little stuffed frog named General Shmeneral that she tucks into a sock...

  4. nobody likes morning death breath

  5. At least he never sleeps alone.

    Ever had a tent in your living room? By tent, I mean 5 kitchen chairs, three stools and two quilts?

    Just wondering.

  6. That is too cute :) My daughter does the same, but with her stuffed animals.

  7. That is very cute! I won't tell him if you don't tell my son that Megatron is a bad guy in Transformers and the Green Goblin is a bad guy in Spiderman...he doesn't get it.

  8. good golly, that's cute. and i have a crapload of star wars toys here that terry has been desperately trying to get the girls interested in. i'm sure they'd be happy to send them to you or erin, in exchange for that pack of gum.