Sunday, February 28, 2010

Smacksy Sunday Link: Hipster Puppies

Hipster Puppies is a sort of genius. Some of the jokes are so deeply inside the hipster scene that I have to ask my husband to explain a reference for me. But sometimes I don't and then I feel cool for a second. Either way, this stuff is funny. And there are puppies. I like puppies.

Happy Sunday.


  1. totally genius, seeing as how it meets terry's criteria for blog-awesome 2 fold: puppies in costume + jokes about bands that i think sound made-up.

    also, every photo looks like someone who works at the coffee shops i avoid. (and by avoid, i mean frequent daily in skinny jeans so as to feel cool.)

  2. OK, I got maybe 4 of the jokes on the first page, but the puppy in the beret and specs was mad cute.

  3. Other than it being very cute and slightly disturbing, I don't get the joke :(

  4. I was trying to get caught up on your always wonderful (gosh you are good at blogging, every last post is quality) blog and then I found myself reading hipster puppies for ten minutes. Wha' happened!