Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Momaw Nadon, so they tell me

It started with the collection of Star Wars action figures that Jeff had held on to since childhood and then passed on to Bob last summer. Add to this, one successful Star Wars themed birthday party, plus a number of almost over due library books, our home printer, and Bob’s status as the only grandchild on both sides. This has resulted in Bob’s bedroom currently housing the following:

Storm Trooper Costume
Anakin Skywalker Costume
Darth Vader Costume
Yoda Costume
37 Various Star Wars Images (Found on internet, printed out, hung on walls)
Clone Trooper Tank
Millennium Falcon Model
22 Star Wars Action Figures
Set of Star Wars Sheets
Millennium Falcon Quilt
Star Wars Optical Command Unit
Star Wars Tie Interceptor
2 Star Wars T-Shirts
Star Wars Transformers Crossovers - Clone Trooper to AT-TE
4 Light Sabers
Star Wars Plate, Bowl and Cup Set
2 Star Wars Chubbies Series 2 Nesting Dolls
4 Star Wars Sticker Books
LEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars Assassin Droids
9 Star Wars – Various Books
“Help Restore Order to the Galaxy” Poster
3 Clone Wars Hanging Party Favor Sparkly Things
R2-D2 Play Doh Playset
Star Wars Clone Wars Endor Speeder
Star Wars Transformers Obi-Wan Kenobi/Jedi Starfighter

Today Bob insisted that we hang on the wall in his room a 4” x 2” piece of paper with the words “Star Wars” on it. He explained that he needed to have it there because, “I have to let my friends know that I like Star Wars.”

So, now I guess the word is finally out.


  1. Yes, time to let that closely guarded secret out. He doesn't like candy by any chance? Does he? I was also unclear on that ;)

  2. And let the world behold the glory which is Star Wars. Yes.

  3. Just in case we were all confused! Love you Bob!

  4. You can never be too clear about your preferences. I'm a literal thinker, so I appreciate this. Also, in case my feelings aren't clear - I LOVE YOU BOB!

  5. Of course.

    His friends aren't Jedi Mind Readers.


  6. I hear Hef has a similar sign in the mansion that says, "Skanky Blondes With Daddy Issues."

  7. Wow. That's great. B wants me to convert his room to a "Room of the World" He wants each wall to represent a different part of the world. Got any ideas? Maybe I could just print a piece of paper out that says "World Room"

  8. OKAY seriously I CANNOT stop laughing!Oh Smacksy THank you for making my day just a WEE bit brighter

  9. Huh. Bob likes Star Wars. Who knew?
    Meanwhile, I am completely coveting his R2-D2 playdoh set! LUCKEEEEEE.

  10. Just one set of sheets? how do you convince him to let you wash them every now and then?

  11. Got to clarify, Bob. Good for you. Otherwise your friends might think you like small areas of white wall and start buying you the lamest action figures ever. BTW: nice big boy bed!

  12. Awesome! Did he say it while wearing his new Williams Sonoma Star Wars apron?

  13. Isn't it fascinating how he needs to state what we see as obvious.

    He NEEDS the statement.

    I love that, so clear and direct. What a wonderful communicator.

  14. When Luke was 17 we used to make out in his bedroom and it looked just like this. Not a joke. I hit my head on a landspeeder hanging from the ceiling once and broke it. He was sad.

  15. Can we schedule a playdate? Have lightsaber, will travel.