Thursday, May 13, 2010


At the park today, Bob ran up the slide backwards. He chased squirrels and his friend Mia. He roamed the sandbox with his gang of guys from school. He swung on the swing next to a little girl wearing a tiara and he called her "princess."

He climbed to the top of the jungle gym and called out,"Asajj Ventress is a dark Jedi! I will kill her!"

I called Bob to the bottom of the jungle gym ladder for a little conference. "Babe, it's not okay to talk about killing people."

"But Mama, I am protecting my friends. And it's pretend."

"I know but let's just not use that word. I know you're not supposed to say it at school either."

"So what should I say?"

"How about saying capture? Can you capture the bad guys?

"Okay Mama."

"Thanks sweetheart."

Bob turned and climbed back to the top of the jungle gym and called out, "Asajj Ventress is a dark Jedi and I will capture her and then make her die so that she doesn't live anymore!"

I'm a problem solver, everyone.


  1. It sounded less least he didn't want to torture her!

  2. Bob, you get 10 points for creativity. Sorry, bud, you lose all of them for long-windedness.

  3. Love it! I try to curb that talk as well, it's funny what they can come up with.

  4. At least he's found the fine art of the loop hole early...

  5. do you mind if I get Bob a thesaurus for his birthday?

  6. Got the same problem with my little cowboy.

  7. This was a killer post today!

  8. I cannot believe how quick that boy is.

    At first, I was so impressed at how you didn't merely say, "no, don't say that" but gave him a substitute instead.

    He still outsmarted you.

    Guess who I'm impressed with now?

  9. He is clever, that one. The mommy, not so much.

  10. Too funny. Until he gets a gun permit.

  11. Haha! You might be a problem solver, but he's a clever problem solver. Too cute!!