Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So Close and Yet Not Even Close

Riding the Pirate Ship. The bike helmet was his idea.

I pulled the station wagon out of the Arco driveway and into traffic. From the backseat Bob said, “Mama? Here is a question. Why does the car need gas?”

“Our car needs gas to give it energy to go.”

“Like I have to eat things and drink things and sleep?”

“Right. Those are the things that give you energy.” I gave myself a little high five for an educational metaphor and solid parenting.

A few days later when I was picking up Bob from pre-school, one of his teachers, Mrs.V. pulled me aside. “I wanted to share something with you that Bob said today that we thought was so funny...”

My life flashed before my eyes. I swallowed hard and smiled. “Oh, really?”

“We were in the play yard and Mia was talking about her new baby brother and she said that he had been having a hard time lately because he has a lot of gas in his tummy. Then Bob told us that he has a lot of gas too, in his head.”


“He said the gas is what helps him think and do things.”


“We thought he might be confused with the other kind of gas somehow.”

Solid parenting.


  1. That picture is classic (my fave ride, btw), Unique personal style and an eye on safety. He'll make a great dad someday.

  2. Ha! Kids can twist our words faster than you can blink, and it's rarely for the better.

  3. I think Bob knows things other people don't.
    Go Bob!

  4. Oh, excuse me, I couldn't much pay attention to your written words since I couldn't get past the bike helmet on the pirate ship ride.

    Oh, that boy says more with his actions that the funniest blogger in town.

    He is incredible, and thank you for sharing him with us. Baby E is cracking up here,next to me, with that picture...

    Oh, Bob, Bob...*wiping tears from my eyes*

  5. Hey, I'm full of gas and convinced it helps me do everything. Bob is not far off the mark. As usual.

  6. Brilliant boy.

    I'm going to go eat some beans.