Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How It Is

Bob and I are in the red station wagon. We are creeping along the 110 freeway in downtown Los Angeles. It is rush hour.

"Mama? How will we ever get there if we don't do any moving?"

"We're moving. We're just moving very slowly."

"Did you know when humans and aliens die on Star Wars they don't go to heaven?"

"So there's no Star Wars heaven?"

"No and droids don't die, they just stop working. You can tell they are droids not aliens or beasts or humans because droids don't have teeth. They don't have ghosts there."

"So no Star Wars heaven and no Star Wars ghosts?"

"No. Star Wars is just a story. So if they had ghosts they would be pretend ghosts like at Halloween, not really ghosts like we have at home."

"We have ghosts at home?"

"Yeah and around the earth."

"Good ghosts, I hope?"

"They're just ghosts, mom. Regular ghosts."


  1. There goes my sleep. Thanks, Bob!

  2. Mine too. And I wasn't getting much anyway what with all the droids, aliens, and beasts to worry about.

  3. That means it's not a droid that is haunting me at work. Must be the spirit of a bitter, alcoholic computer programmer.

  4. Oh good...no droids in heaven. Shew...just dead pets..I think.

  5. Amazing, How he knows what gets to heaven, and what doesn't. Don't you wish you could just spend 5 minutes inside that wonderful little head?

  6. Allegedly, before the age of 5, children see and hear things from *the other side* all the time. It's not scary to them; it's calming. They lose this ability when they're able to reason and form sentences that explain the reasoning. This happens around the age of 5. Kinda sad to lose something so fabulous and yet not know you've lost it!

  7. The other day Clark told me there was a man in my mom's bedroom, talking to him. He went on and on about it and the more questions I asked, the weirder it was. I was freaked the heck out until I realized it was her answering machine going off and that he'd never heard one before. Deep breath.