Friday, May 28, 2010

The Helper

“I’ve got to hurry, little guy. Have you seen my black –“


“No, shoes. I need my black high heeled –“

“Bra? Your black bra?”

“No, honey, shoes. I can’t find my black heels.”

“You have a black shirt, you need a black bra.”

“I have it on. I need my shoes. Do you see them by the ottoman?”

“You are wearing a pink bra, you need the black one.”

“Bob? What’s going on? I have on my black bra.”

“You do not.”

“I do. See the strap? I changed. I’m wearing the black bra. Why are you obsessed with this? Dude, you’re four. What’s happening right now?”

“Right now you’re needing shoes.”


  1. If this is 4, 13 is going to be interesting!

  2. My next door neighbor's four-year old son is obsessed with his mama's breasts. I am not sure that he advises her on what color bra to wear though.

  3. Bob knows what's up he is so just playing you! Did you know you gave birth to not only a genius but a character too!

  4. I count on that kid for my daily amusement. He never disappoints.

  5. Well, he's right. You really shouldn't wear a pink bra under a black shirt. Good call Bob.

  6. Kids say the darndest things. A shout out to my friend and client Art Linkletter who just passed away. Bob would have been perfect for that show.

  7. Nancy above is sooo right.

    Art Linkletter smiles from above.

  8. okay, that is scary. He's how old again? Never mind that at least you have someone who cares that you look good. My kid, just goes on with her day, giving me not even a glance.

  9. If my son starts commenting on my fashion choices I am in big, big trouble. Because I can't dress for poop.

  10. I thought you were talking about your husband for a minute. Dang that kid is smart.