Wednesday, May 19, 2010


“… now I know my A, B, C’s. Next time won’t you sing with me?”

“That was great, Bob. Now tell me, what starts with an A?”


“Good, and B?”






“Terrific. What about E?”


“Wait, Bob? Where are you going? We’re not done yet.”

“I’ll be right back. Hold on. Don’t even move.”


“So, here’s my A, B, C’s computer.”

“But Bob if you look on your computer, that’s cheating.”

“I’m not looking on it. You are looking on it. I know the words and the computer knows the words but you don’t know the words so you can ask the computer. It will help you a lot, Mama. I’m going to play Emperor Palpatine with Daisy in my room.”


  1. Oh, my gosh! You must've split your sides on that one!

    Here he is, thinking poor mommy doesn't know a thing!!

  2. I know what ABC's are but what is Emperor Palpatine? Even the dog knows.

  3. Don't leave us hanging.

    What starts with "F"?