Monday, September 7, 2009

From the Hive

Daisy, thrilled.

In 2005, Jeff purchased this fetching bee ensemble from Target for our dog Daisy. Yeah. I know.

This year, Bob insists on being a bee for Halloween. I of course hold Jeff responsible for this.

I have suggested other more butch big boy costumes to steer Bob away from this choice, knowing that when he becomes a surly 13-year-old he will look back on photos of himself as a darling bee and blame his mother for dressing him this way. I also understand that this is ridiculous and I should be ecstatic that our baby wants to look like a tiny stuffed animal this year. Next year, I‘m sure we’ll have a Ninja on our hands.

But anyway, my dear older Bob of the future, believe that I tried. This is my proof. Please address all complaints to your father.


  1. I just stumbled upon, have only read the posts on your first page, and I already like you. I wish you lived on the East Coast so we could hang out and be friends.

  2. Oh I love the look on your dogs face......LOL.....pure torture....oh that is funny - your poor at least you have an idea of the look you will get from Bob when he is about 13.....:))
    Your East Coast Pen Pal....

  3. Would love to have you all here sitting around the table drinking coffee with me, but I'll warn you, we are a loud people.