Monday, September 14, 2009

I Love Google and Moe

Last week Bob and I were having lunch downtown at Philippe’s (Home of the Famous French Dip and .09 cent cup of coffee). We were sharing a table with a friendly, older woman who was missing a finger and a man with only one eye and a hole in his face where a nose would usually be. Sitting on the table next to this gentleman was a gallon size Ziploc freezer bag, inside were three copies of a book called Moe.

When we got home, I googled the book and happened upon a 2008 newspaper article about the remarkable story of the couple we were sitting with and a chimp named Moe. I posted that. Wendi read it and then directed me to this article in Esquire. Amazing. It’s worth the read.

The story is fascinating.
I love Philippe’s.
And Google.
And Wendi.


  1. Oh, my goodness! I just read a GREAT article about that couple in, Esquire? GQ? I can't remember which magazine, exactly, but it's a fascinating story. You have got to find the article ASAP. I can't believe you were next to them.

  2. I just found it! I am replacing it in the post! Thanks! Fantastic!

  3. What a great article. Thanks for linking to it. Fascinating story.

  4. I just read the story. Unbelievable. It's such an uplifting story, and then ends so sadly. Moe's "disappearance" from Jungle Exotics sounds like a cover up. I think something fishy happened.

  5. Have you heard about OLIVER?