Friday, September 11, 2009

Think Fast

The kid has questions, lots of questions...

Why are scrambled eggs not baby chicks but they are from the chicken egg?

Where is Star Wars?

If I want a bagina can I have one of those instead of a penis?

How can I get wings for flying?

How can Darth Vader be Luke’s father if Darth Vader is a robot?

Where do you feel your feelings when somebody hurts your feelings?
Related follow ups: What is a heart? It’s the heart shape? Where is it? What it do? How does it feel?

If I go into the sculptures with the rhinos then I am in Africa?

Why does Iggy Pop want to be a dog?

What is that rip in daddy’s under pants?
Follow up: Why is it called a “fly?”

When you are very, very, old and your body stops working, where do you go?


  1. The questions are fine and all.

    But I'd like some answers.

    That shit's been bugging me too.

  2. man he is a little genius!!

    -your cuz serena

  3. My favorite question this week:

    Why does some barf look the same as the food you ate, and sometimes not?