Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Maximal Minimalism

I like the idea of simplicity, sometimes more than I like the actuality of it. (Please see my darling collection of silver demitasse spoons.) Yet, I try. I like order and systems. I have found that nothing tests a system like living with a pre-schooler, a big guy, and a couple of used-to-be-feral animals.

So there’s this deal called the "100 Things Challenge." I was checking it out at GuyNamedDave and With the name "100 Things," I had expected more of something like a revved up version of the 10 Things A Day thing where the challenge is to get rid of 10 possessions every day (Kleenex doesn’t count). I was not even close. These guys are talking about living with just 100 personal things. This includes clothing items counted separately. I can count all my earrings and barrettes and then I’m at 100.

This is not a challenge made for someone who has an eBay alert set for both of her china patterns and occasionally speaks about herself in the third person when trying to distance herself from certain behaviors. Fine. So maybe I’m more of a maximalist than I thought. The 10 Things a day deal could still happen. If I kick it off with a Lego purge, I think I could make it work.


  1. I think you missed a big detail here. These are *men*. Men are happy with 2 changes of clothes, one pair of shoes, one set of hardware (or silverware as we call it), a plate, and a pan. They are obviously insane also. lol.

    It is an interesting concept though. But they can keep it. I like my "stuffies" and treasures. lol.

  2. First of all, I think this guy's life is way to uncomplicated. Second, I love that his wife and child are "observing" but not participating. Third, if he's going to count his underwear and socks as a group then I count my bras, underwear, socks, crocheted afghans my mom made, old rhinestone jewelry from the 80's and ceramic pink flamingo's as a group. Wow. Who knew I was a minimalist? Not me and not my husband, who will only wear free T-shirts with annoying sayings and old jeans.

    Love it!
    Karen Peterson

  3. Thank you for your support in this matter.

  4. My nightstand has over 100 things on it.

  5. Okay... I read "Dave"... he's full of crap. His 100 things have so many exceptions and caveats. He lives with his family so he'll use their pots/pans furniture etc.

    Also he's just doing this to write a book:
    "Library - My one “cheat” of the 100 Thing Challenge. But there’s more to it than that. Read blog posts and, eventually, the book."

    So I say. PFFFT to Dave. And I'm going back to enjoying my 10,000 thing Challenge.

  6. I have never heard of this - and are they nuts?? Who on earth can seriously live with 100 things....give me a break....aye aye aye. How does this person live? You know your rocks made me think of a lovely stone know where they use the hot stones on your aching back, butt, legs.....ahhhhhhhhhhh now give me 100 of those!!!!!

  7. Lisa. You are not just Woman. You are Virgo-Woman. Now, I am not just Man. I am Virgo-Man. Of course we love systems and order. We also like to breath and eat. I have over 100 Martha Stewart kitchen items, digital pastry scale, non-stick omelet pans of various sizes, hoards of bread pans, to go with my 6 burner, 2 oven Viking Stove--AND my 2 pairs of underwear, 1 pair of nice shoes, and one dress shirt that fits. It's about order, and what's important in a Virgo-Man, or Woman's, life. That dude is a freak.