Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reason #268 Why I Will Not Be Homeschooling

Bob and I are sitting together in the big chair.

“Mama, let’s read the book with Grover and the letters.”

“Those aren’t letters Boo, those are numbers. That book is about math. Math is all about numbers.”

Jeff yells out from the bedroom, “Math is not all about numbers!”

We sit in silence for a moment.

“Hey Bob, let’s read the Us Magazine and I can tell you all about the Kardashians. Us Magazine is all about the Kardashians.”


  1. I homeschooled. I still think math is all about numbers. Maybe that's why the kids are in public school now.

  2. My mom opened one of my math books once and said -it looks like Greek to me.- I said -that's because it IS Greek.- Hahaha. I'm very good with the nerd jokes.

  3. Everyone in the car. We're going to Mary's.

  4. What isn't about numbers? Jeff is a drummer, right?

    I'm just saying.

  5. There's a lot of math in the Karsashians:

    - Count the sex tapes
    - Count the fake weddings
    - Count the boob jobs/plastic surgeries (though a scientific calculator might be necessary for this)

  6. I love your sense of humor. BTW, I volunteered in 5.5's kindergarten room today for MATH.

    All I had to do was play a game with the kids. I kept forgetting whose turn it was. Ummm, I think that was the whole math concept.

    Thanks so much for stopping by WOW and leaving a comment. I really appreciate that.