Friday, September 25, 2009

Aiming Low

Back in the old-timey days, pre-2004, while you were listening to Maroon 5 and wondering how Adrien Brody would possibly follow up The Pianist, I was busy keeping my single gal apartment quite tidy. By “quite tidy” I mean pathological, OCD, combed the fringe on my carpets daily. When guests were coming over, I would purposely mess something up a little so as to appear more “casual,” this move, of course, proving just exactly how insane I was.

Then I met The Guy. Then we adopted The Puppy. Then I married The Guy. Then we made The Son. Then we moved to The House. There is nothing remotely tidy about any of that. I traded my diorama under glass of a life for a stinky, gorgeous, mess of people and pets and “white” sheets that by Saturday, resemble the Shroud of Turin. And I could not be happier.

Today, I have the good fortune to be recognized for my new levels of slovenly underachieving. The smacksy post, “What Not To Do: Bags” will be featured today on the brilliant Aiming Low website in their Three Day Weekend series. Please go there and read and comment about how clever and adorable you find all things smacksy so that they will realize that this was not all just some terrible mistake. (Like spending $18.99 for that Maroon 5 CD.)

You are very kind. That's why you are my favorite reader.


  1. Good stuff, Lisa. You are blessed. Amazing how much our attitude translates into our happiness.

    J Lacy

  2. Thank you Mr. Lacy. A life covered in dog hair and Legos is a good life indeed.

  3. You are a clever, clever girl and never cease to amaze me with your wit, humor, and honesty.

    How to overcome OCD (check all that apply):
    Cognitive Behavior Therapy (ERP)
    SSRI or other such medication
    Having children
    Combination of above

  4. Thank you Nancy. (Especially the part where you call me a girl.)

    As for the OCD, a combo of the above is working out quite nicely, but I still alphabetize the spices.

  5. smacksy is so catchy :) glad to find your blog. definitely be back.