Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Nature of Change

Those that know me, might tell you that I have just the tiniest touch of perfectionism and control-freakishness. (How dare they?)

For a lifetime I have battled my own assumption that there would come a time when everyone would be healthy, well-rested and getting along, the fridge and wallets would be full, the floor swept, the dishes done, the weeds pulled, some saint will have picked up the dry-cleaning, work would be fun and fulfilling, our flossing habits would be legendary, and the pets would carry around their own lint rollers. Once this formula was unlocked, it all would (and this is key) stay that way. This was the imaginary finish line that I was running towards, trying to make it all happen. Consciously, I know that this is not how it works but still I would find myself trying to get There.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus (smart guy, unfortunate name) is credited with saying that, “The only thing constant is change”. I know this to be true and I am really, really trying to “get it”. There is one person (besides The Oprah) who is really helping me to absorb this idea: My Kid.

There’s the matter of him changing daily. It was just last weekend that Bob was a tiny, squishy baby. Now he’s a talking, running, singing, climbing, hugging, drawing, building, boy-person.

He will wake from a nap and it is painfully obvious that he has grown 2 inches in the last 3 hours. He is all change all the time; a new word, a new fear, a new sweetness, a new sound, a new number, a new trick, a new friend, a new something; every 20 minutes.

Also, Bob notices the change in everything.

“Mama, the trees are making some colors.”

“That big spider has a web. Does the spider like to get hugs?”

“Are these new flowers for eating? They smell like pink clouds.”

“Mama? You finished all the ice cream? Oh, Mama…”

Really, everything.

So, with Bob's help I do my best to remember that Here is the only There that counts. I know that Here is messy and perfectly imperfect and fleeting and crazy and beautiful.

I know that Here is uncontrollable and that is the nature of change and that is a blessing.

You Capture is a weekly photo challenge at a mama blog I like:
I Should Be Folding Laundry
This week's challenge is: Nature

In my photo above, I am watching Bob, watching nature.



  1. You know I can see the same thing with my little tyke....growing before my eyes, sometimes I think he is bigger when he wakes from a nap...he pulled himself up onto his legs to stand up today - cannot believe it...he is just a changing growing learning little guy.

  2. It seems to happen so fast. Where does the time go? And it's always amazing to see how much a tiny person can teach us.

  3. I will just die when my little guy makes comments about me finishing all the ice cream (and cookies). :) It's amazing how fast it goes. Crazy.
    Lovely post and capture!

  4. It really does go so fast!! My little man goes to kindergarten in the fall and i cannot believe it is time for that. Unbelievable!!!

  5. That was a great capture! They grow fast, don't they?

  6. Awesome capture. They grow way too fast.

  7. well i think bob sounds like an awesome little guy! i love the pink flowers into pink clouds thing :O). your photo is adorable, too!

    i have my nature shots posted now also, if you'd like to visit me at The Shadow of the Cross, feel free to come on over for awhile :O)

  8. I agree with Alice ... Bob sounds like too much fun! I love that he's on the move in the shot. It works so well with the words you've crafted.

  9. Great pic. I agree. They do grow fast!

  10. I have always hoped that life would fit in a nice, neat little box with everything in its place...maybe in heaven :)

    cute pic of your guy!

  11. I agree with you 100%

    Great pic of your little boy.

  12. I love the picture! And I also have a 3-year-old so I know how they now notice everything! So fun, though!

  13. Great photo and great story. Living through the eyes of children is always amazing...

  14. A beautiful post ... and it rings so very true with this momma. I feel like my little one grows up a little every time I turn around.

  15. My baby finished kindergarten and my oldest daughter became a senior today. It truly does go too, too fast.

    Great picture.

  16. Great capture! Bob really looks like he's on the move in that shot. I love movement in photos so much. And what a beautiful path he's on.

    Thanks for your comment on my You Capture this week! I really appreciate it!

  17. Nothing better than watching our kids enjoying nature. Great capture.

  18. I love the beautiful background in this picture .. so natural and lovely. But the most touching and natural part is your little boy's back as he heads out to the rest of his life. Beautiful picture!

  19. My daughter is 15 months old and I swear I only had her last week... Beautiful picture