Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anatomy: 102

Last year, at Bob’s 24-month pediatric check-up, Dr. Bess let me know that our son would soon become curious about his body. She told me that he might soon notice that parts of his body were similar to daddy's while mommy's parts looked a little different.

Dr. Bess instructed that we should use the anatomically correct terms for body parts. I nodded in agreement, “Right. Of course.” Implying that I know that this is correct from all of those Parents magazine articles and the emails from BabyCenter.com and just being in the modern parent loop. I did know this.

And of course, we had been referring to Bob's penis and testicles as his "pee pee" and "nutsmens". I didn't share this.


  1. I like nutsmens. I'm going to use it to describe everything from now on.

  2. LOL. I also love "nutsmens." I will have to share that one with my hubby :)
    Sadly, my daughter loved repeating the word "vagina."

  3. My Dad got kicked out of church for saying cock. He had learned the name of our feathered friend, but of course, no one knew that's what he was referring to. :)-

  4. Hey, Lisa! You are hilarious & I love this blog already.

    And, not to show off my parenting skills or anything, but everyone knows that the proper name for male genitalia is "Gladys and The Pips." Or maybe that's just what my husband thinks.


  5. i dunno. to this day i still feel like vagina, penis, and (cringe) testicles sound waaaay dirty. somehow hoo-hoo, la-la, and... yeah, nothing beats "nutsmens"... sound better. you'll never believe how f-ed up this is: my mom used to call our parts "shame-shames"!!! needless to say, i stripped my way through college.

  6. As long as it is something he can say in public which HE WILL!

    What I won't be writing on my blog because people I know read it: My 4 year old son was playing doctor and kept saying I had a "fuction." Try saying that word. I finally figured out he was saying "infection." I still let him try that word out on his dad when he came home. I loved the look on his dad's face.

  7. I do believe the nutsmens are a nomadic tribe that roam the eastern border of poopdoopia
    I think I read in in Wikipedia.

  8. This post made me laugh 'til I cried. Well, this post combined with Dera's shame-shames thing.

    Ahhhh! Little boys are kind of amazing.

  9. That is way too funny! But the funnest part is when they grow up and you get to remind them of some of this stuff. My son nearly shot me for posting this: http://bit.ly/43FTVc

    Glad I found you on twitter!