Sunday, June 14, 2009

Smacksy Sunday Link: The Hummus

If ever I am feeling a little too impressed with my “edgy” taste or “unique” interests, Christian Lander’s blog, “Stuff White People Like” will snap me back to reality. Apparently most all of my tastes and interests land me squarely in the center of my Daily Show/Farmer's Market/David Sedaris-loving demographic. Mr. Lander’s enormously popular site satirizes the interests of “North American left-leaning, city-dwelling white folk", in other words, me and a bunch of people I know. And it’s funny, yo.*

* Yo - See Stuff White People Like #107 Self Aware Hip Hop References

As a Trader Joe's-going gal with a touch of the gluten intolerance, a post particularly close to my all-too-common-heart is stuff white people like #112 Hummus. Sometimes reading his stuff makes me just a tiny bit self conscious about my whole deal - but if the hummus fits...

I will take this all a step further and offer you this link to Emeril Lagasse’s hummus recipe which is basic and awesome and I like it. Because I’m all white like that.

Have a great Sunday everybody.


  1. Add some lemon zest and a splurch of sesame oil to Emeril's recipe and you'll really have something.

  2. Oh, man. That book (I'm thinking the same guy who does the blog) cracks me up while simultaneously making me paranoid and embarrassed. I am, according to this guy, exceptionally white, yo.

    Great post.

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