Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Learn Something Already: Day 2

The second day of my learn-something-new project. The learning continues.

Day 2
I dragged myself up the steps of the post office this morning at 8:15 with a cumbersome box to ship and a wandering 3-year-old. I accidentally dropped my purse and watched its contents scatter back down the steps. As I chased the rolling lipstick and repeatedly tried jamming the battery back into my battered cell phone, Bob thought it would be helpful to throw away my "trash" (keys, wallet, sunglasses). I raced to intercept him before he reached the garbage can.

With all of my lady items finally secured back inside my bag, I clenched the back of Bob's shirt in my right hand to "steer" him and balanced the heavy box on my left hip. Shuffling back to the post office entrance, I pulled hard on the door handle. Locked.

What I learned: Our post office opens at 9:00am, not 8:00am.

(Yay. I’m a student of life. This is fun.)


  1. Ha! again, good to know. I like this learning one thing per day thing. I was thinking this morning in the shower about yesterday's new information. Yuck. Could my tub be as dirty as the ones they tested...even w/a once/wk clean??

  2. Oh Lis.....not fun......at least you got your lipstick back. And Bob didn't go postal.

  3. Bob for President. Lisa for nap.

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