Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day of the Dad

Reasons that I hope our son Bob will grow up to be just like his father:

He will be good at making up secret nicknames.
He will think math is cool.
He will be thrilled watching Youtube videos of kittens dressed in outfits.
He will be a good tipper.
He will enjoy old people.
He will smell pretty good, most of the time.
He will know how to make a perfect cheese omelet.
He will do both Star Trek and Star Wars.
He will have no fear of camping.
He will know how to drive a stick shift.
He will have a long fuse.
He will understand the importance of timing.
He will get all riled up about current events.
He will have faith in something besides himself.
He will put music on the priority list right between air and food.
He will be fluent in sad and happy tears.
He will have a funny voice that is reserved exclusively for talking to animals.
He will be a kind father.
He will be one of the good guys.
And he will love his mother.

Happy Father’s Day.


  1. Damn....... That made me cry.... the happy ones. To all the Dad's like Bob's, Happy Fathers Day.

  2. I love your lists. This paints such a nice clear happy picture of your husband. Hope you had a lovely day.

  3. OMG your mouth to my kill me.........

    The simple things eh????

  4. made me cry that is so beautiful!!