Thursday, June 4, 2009

Learn Something Already: Day 4

In my continuing efforts to strengthen my brain parts by learning something new every day, I forge ahead.

Day 4
The Wikihow widget on my Google home page listed “How to Fold an Origami Crane” as the how-to of the day. Sounded like a delightfully cultural and crafty five minute learning experience. Armed with a few square pieces of paper, I began my new project. Twenty-three somewhat annoying minutes later, after following the instructions and diagrams, I had arrived at the part of the process where I had fashioned a sheet of paper into a foldy wad that the directions referred to as an “inside out kite".

The directions went on to explain that the next part of the process is difficult to understand and that I would need to consult the photos. It was indeed difficult to understand and unfortunately the photos made it all the more confusing. In desperate need of further assistance, I searched Youtube and found a video of origami crane instruction. As I followed along it became apparent that this was an entirely different and even more complicated bird than the one I had already failed with. I think I actually felt my brain shrinking. Time elapsed: 48 minutes.

What I learned: I will give up on an irritating goal half way through if the desired result is a glorified cootie catcher.