Saturday, September 19, 2009

Smacksy Saturday Photo: Genetics

The law of heredity is that all undesirable traits come from the other parent. - Anonymous


  1. LOL. I completely agree!!! As for the first day at pre-school, how brave you were!!! Man, I know I would cry. I suppose you got used to it thru the summer school....oh I know it is going to kill me come vegemite's time....I think your ideas are great tho - I am sure it helped him a lot. They will probably help me too!!!!!

  2. Precisely! My sisters and I are constantly blaming Pete's family for ANY slightly negative trait the kids have. shhhhh


  3. I'm not sure that putting one's head in a garbage can is a "Rosenberg" trait. We did put the dog in a lot of laundry baskets. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe we did walk around with garbage cans on our heads. Someone needs to pretend to be a robot. I will account for the ample hair genetics.

    Aunt Jill

  4. Ah .... HIS kid is just having a quiet moment.