Friday, December 2, 2011

What You Get With a Lights Off Day by Bob Rosenberg

1. You get to stay home because school is canceled because there was a giant wind that stopped the electricity and you can't even watch Cyber Chase because the TV needs the electricity.

2. You get to set up your Clone Wars tent on the bed and use the camping lantern.

3. You get to listen to Christmas music on the battery radio.

4. You get to go for a walk and see a ton of sticks everyplace.

5. You get a hot lunch of a quesadilla with lots of fridge leftovers in it.

6. You get to stay in pajamas all day even for the walk and it's kind of the best day ever.


  1. That was something. What stories those kids will swap tomorrow.

  2. What the hell happened out there?

  3. You all in the south sure got the wind. We were quite windy here but thankfully we kept our power.

    I liked the photo and made me want to just set up a tent to cave in.

    Your day sounded like lots of fun!

  4. What a lucky day the wind can bring... xox

  5. I'm going to sabotage the electricity in my building so I can leave work and come over and play. See you in an hour!

  6. aww. i miss blackouts when i was a child and had nothing to worry about.