Sunday, January 22, 2012

Smacksy Sunday Links

Bob and his Darth Vader luggage

A whole site of bicycle chic.

How to make Nutella "ice cream." Yes, please.

And a puppy being greeted by a herd of cows.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Lisa, thanks for the link to Sonia's Travels (via Cycle Chic). For the past year, I have used Sonia's Fluenz program for improving my Spanish (excellent program). I love the way Sonia has branched off to making short travel videos, providing her unique perspective on a given place.

  2. The video...amazing. Those must be the most friendly cows ever! I like Nutella..and bicycle chic...I think I could and should think how I look when I ride a bike.

  3. I have shared the Nutella recipe far & wide, awesome, thanks.

  4. Nutella ice cream and pudding? They both sound delicious, but I'd really like to eat my way out of a bath of warmed Nutella. It's a Fantasy Island kind of idea that makes me happy to think about...