Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Meeting

"Mom, the guys and I had a meeting today."

"You did?"

"Yeah, today at recess."

"Who called the meeting? Who decided to have it?"

"I did."

"What was on the agenda?"

"We decided we won't be chasing the girls anymore."

"Solid plan."

"And we should do better listening in the class."

"Always good."

"And I thought we should all learn Aaron's language since he only speaks Hungarian and Raymond's because he only speaks the Mandarin kind of Chinese."

"That's a lovely idea."

"We're going to finish the meeting after school when we meet up at the park, me and all the guys. We're like a team."


  1. And by next year, he'll be a representative at the United Nations. Good work, Mom. Someone's been teaching this kid solid values.

  2. You have to keep blogging for the next 20 years at least because I need to know what Bob becomes.
    Also, I wonder how long this "not chasing girls" thing will last.

  3. Heh-heh. This reminds me of my daughter's boyfriend who has a "men's group" and they get together regularly to discuss manly things and I have no idea what that would be but perhaps the topics are very similar to Bob's group's.

  4. Ask if you can take notes at the first Hungarian/Mandarin language class.

  5. All that ambition can never go to waste.

  6. I'm thinking future CEO. Well done, mom.

  7. mandarin and hungarian! Well we'll all be needing google translate soon. That child is such a cute and dependant guy. He so mature as well. ur such a lucky mom!!

  8. Bob and his Little Men's Group, love it!

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