Friday, July 5, 2013

The Five Awesomest Things About 4th of July by Bob Rosenberg

1. First you get to walk in the parade with your dad and his dad friends and they will wear matching t-shirts and do a funny dance. In the morning before the parade you get to see your dad practicing the funny dance in the living room in his underpants. This is awesome.

2. You get a really good taco and a popsicle at the park. The popsicle has ice cream in the middle and crunchy strawberry things on the outside. Super awesome.

3. Then you have a barbecue dinner at your friend Felix's house and play with Legos and the guinea pigs, Honey and Squeaky. More awesome.

4. You all walk to the high school and lay on blankets in the football field and watch the fireworks show. You and your friend Felix yell, "Incoming!" before every firework goes off until your parents make you shhh. The fireworks come out of real cannons. That is awesome.

5. When you get home it is almost, barely 10:00pm at night and you are up way past your bedtime but you're not even tired, except that when you get in bed you suddenly get really tired. The whole entire day was awesome.


  1. Well, YES. There is only one obvious word for all of that: AWESOME.

    So glad to hear you had such a fun Fourth!


  2. Happy awesome 4th, Bob! I'm glad you had such a great day.

  3. Out of the mouths of babes I love it.....
    I am awed to be on the right side of the dirt......I remember seeing my dad dancing in his underware now that you mention it.......I can't wait to remind him.... that will be awesome...