Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It Was Inevitable

"Mom! There's a bird in the house!"

"What? Oh no! Where?"

"See right here on Minecraft! I'm building another door so it can get out. I think it's a chicken or maybe a duck."

"This is going to be how it is now, isn't it?"

"Look! Now there's a sheep in the house!"


  1. Ah yes, minecraft. I have a 17 year old that plays all sorts of games. Minecraft was one at some point. I wish i could say that the interest wanes, but it seems to get more intense and last until the pre-dawn hours.

  2. Oh, yes: Minecraft. Welcome to my cube-shaped world.


    1. We will have a lot of company there, so it seems.

  3. My 13 year old still plays it. Welcome to the next decade of your life.

  4. We actually do get sheep in the house, or at least in the garden. One got onto the conservatory roof once. Our neighbours get bats. I'm not sure which is harder to catch.

  5. You know that I have many words that I can share about this. In fact, I am thinking of starting a support group for moms of Minecraft Players. MOMP. At this very moment I am typing a comment here while listening to my 13 year old son is behind me writing code for his Minecraft server. There is no light at the end of the tunnel.

  6. Wait until you get a cow in the house...

  7. Wait until he finds out he can pack the house with TNT and blow it up! My son did this and then said "don't worry Mom, it's only pixels...."