Thursday, August 15, 2013

Top Things I Will Miss About Summer by Bob Rosenberg

 Leaving our front doors unlocked so that me and Laura and Danny (from down the street) can walk into each others houses whenever we want.

No homework.

Corn on the cob. (Except the part where it gets stuck in your teeth and then you have to use one of those weird plastic floss pick things in the shape of a shark to get it out but you can’t do it so you have to get your mom to do it and that is like the worst thing in your life. But the corn part is still good.)

Trips to see family and beaches and trees and that place where there’s fireflies.

Playing with the basketball team in the gym with the air conditioning.

Eating dinner in the backyard.

Day camp with Brandon and Felix. And swimming there and hikes. But not the Frisbee games because sometimes, a lot, I get hit with the Frisbee when I’m supposed to catch it.

Dad sometimes gets home from work when it’s still light outside.

Wearing shorts every day instead of zipper pants.


  1. What a great list. I'm so glad you all are having a lovely summer. :)


  2. Sigh. I love this. Great list Bob!

  3. I'm with Bob on the zipper pants.

    The corn, not so much.
    I miss getting it stuck between my teeth, not that I don't have any teeth.

  4. Bob has inherited your writing prowess and excellent life insights.

  5. Zipper pants are for suckers. Bob is adorable.

    1. I feel the same way about zipper pants. xo

  6. Of all the people who live in my computer, Bob is one of my favorites.