Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I've been taking piano lessons for four months now. I last took lessons when I was twelve, thirty-eight-years ago. Thirty-eight. When I started up in March I remembered more than I thought I might and yet could drive a giant piano truck through the holes left in my knowledge. I practiced. I tried.

In early May I injured my thumb by dropping a twenty-pound bag of ice on it, while preparing for Bob's birthday party. Two weeks later, I was to have played at a recital at my nineteen-year-old teacher, Audrey's house along with her kindergarten and first grade students. My thumb kept me out. I was disappointed. I wore my thumb  brace-thing for a week or so and then kept on practicing.

Four weeks ago I started learning Beethoven's Sonata No. 8 Op. 13, called Pathetique. As I started learning, "Pathetique" kept to its name. My efforts were indeed, pathetique. Two weeks ago, I got the time of my lesson wrong and missed it. Pathetique. I kept practicing. Last week, I got the location of my lesson wrong and missed it. Pathetique. I still practiced. It seemed no better.

Just this morning, while practicing, something finally clicked. I can now play the song straight through, no glaring mistakes, no cursing. This afternoon, I have another lesson. I know where and when. I will be there. I pray my nerves won't get the better of me and that I will be able to play the song for Audrey the way I know I can. Perhaps less pathetique.


  1. I don't think this is pathetique at all! I think it's, um...tres swell!


  2. I took lessons for the first time in life as an adult. I got OK at and then let it slide. Keep practicing. You'll get better and better.

  3. Kudos for your diligence! My 65 year old mother started playing in her 40's and still plays to this day!

  4. I took piano lessons when I was 25, and got to be pretty decent. Then my teacher told me about the recital I had to be in. A 25-year-old and seven 9-year-olds? Oh hell no! So she said she wouldn't teach me anymore. Now, at almost 59, I think I want to try again. But NO recitals for me!