Monday, April 25, 2016

Stuck in Traffic With Mr. Rosenberg

Me: I can never get enough baklava.

Him: I like baklava. I hate halva. So gross.

Me: Halva's not gross. I didn't know you hated it. I didn't know you hated any food.

Him: See? Keeping the mystery alive after eleven years.

Me: How much do you hate it on the Jeffrey Rosenberg scale of zero to Guy Fieri?

Him: As much or more than my hatred of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Me: Wow. I don't think I feel that strongly about anything.

Him: You hate the word "cantina."

Me: No I don't.

Him: Yes you do.

Me: I think you're making that up. I don't hate things like you do.

Him: Really ? What about frisée?

Me: Oh my God, I hate frisée so much.

Him: And passion fruit iced tea? And plays that break the fourth wall? And all the songs! Zombie by the Cranberries? Oh! And Mambo Number 5 - the Lou Bega version? And Going Up the Country by Canned Heat? You really hate that one. And vertical blinds! And futons  - except the ones in Japan! 

Me: I guess I am a hater.

Him: You are.

Me: But I like halva.

Him: You can have mine.


  1. I love halva with all of my heart.

  2. I liked Canned Heat, and have always felt guilty that I didn't let them crash at my apartment.

    1. I bet they would have been okay crashing in your driveway. ;)

    2. Didn't have a driveway!

  3. Very cute and I don't even know what halva is. Baklava rules.

  4. That was a perfect slice of life. Thank you. (and vertical blinds: never. memories from a past I need to leave there)

  5. Loved this vibe. Mostly struck by how much your son really knows you - by listing all the hates. You can tell how close the two of you are.