Thursday, June 9, 2016

13 Things I'm Doing Instead of Packing for the Road Trip

  1.  Folding socks and underpants.
  2.  Drinking a 9pm cup of coffee.
  3.  Taking an unflattering pajamas/no-makeup selfie of my new haircut that is exactly 1/2 inch shorter than my old haircut.
  4.  Half-watching an old Master Chef.
  5.  Reading the fine print on the multi-vitamin bottle.
  6.  Making the bed before right before I get in it.
  7.  Studying my pores in one of those macro mirrors. (No good has ever come of this.)
  8.  Searching for the charger for the Kindle that I never use.
  9.  Watching this video 17 times.
  10. Drinking a 9:30pm cup of coffee.
  11. Cruising for dresses on Ebay.
  12. Organizing my earrings.
  13. Squeezing Teddy.