Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fender Bender-er

I will admit, I screamed when it happened. I was stopped at the light when a blue Prius rear ended my silver Prius  - because this is California and everyone and their housekeeper here drives a Prius.

Not a lot of damage to my perfect, new-to-me, 2006 vehicle, but it's no longer perfect. (Sad face.) No one was in the car with me, and the guy who hit me and I are were both not injured. (Happy face.) Well, I was a little injured - I have a sore-ish lower back but Advil and ice are dong their job. (Medium face.) I got the other driver's information and auto insurance. He has auto insurance. (Surprised face.)

Buckle up for safety, everyone.


  1. Oh, MAN. I'm sorry that happened! (Keep an eye on your back, lady - take care of yourself...) Glad it wasn't serious! Hope you can take it easy today...

  2. Yikes!! So glad you are OK!!
    Where I live,(Texas)everyone drives giant trucks (everyone except me). Could have been a whole lot worse. If you get a "new to me" vehicle here, you sort of wait for that first ding/bump/dent and once you get it, you can relax a little.
    Hope your back heals fast and doesn't get any worse!!
    Shirley B.

    1. Thanks, Shirley! Maybe you should get one of those bike visibility flags for your car! xoxo